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Character LCD Display

Character LCD Module

Character LCD Module

Htend Display Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading character lcd module suppliers, and a top level China custom LCD 20x4, LCD 20X2, LCD 40x2 manufacturer, we are always at your service.

Character Module, Character LCD Modules, LCD Character Display

Htend Display Manufacture of variety kind of Character LCD Module. The LCD modules which include color, graphic, monochrome character, and custom character LCD. Htend Display provides the Character LCD Modules ranging from 8x1 LCD module, 8x2 LCD module, 16x1 character LCD, 16x2 character LCD, 16x4 character LCD, 20x2 character LCD, 20x4 character LCD, 24x2 LCD display, 40x2 LCD display, 40x4 character LCD and etc. Our character display offering also includes semi-custom and full-custom capabilities designed to provide the right solution to the most challenging application.

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