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    • FSTN LCD

      Contact NowFSTN LCDFSTN LCD DisplayFSTN LCD, full name is Formulated Supper Twisted Nematic LCD, has all advantages of STN, and a better background color, however the cost is highest too. Htend display offers a low currRead More2015-12-25

    • VA LCD

      Contact NowVA LCDVertical Align Twisted Nematic technology is a new type of fluid used in both character and segment displays that operate in negative mode. VATN fluid provides a wider viewing angle then FSTN or DFSTNRead More2015-12-25

    • STN LCD

      Contact NowSTN LCDSTN LCD displaySTN LCD, full name is Supper Twisted Nematic LCD. The production progress is much different from TN LCD and HTN LCD. STN display a high resolution pattern in complex program with a lowRead More2015-12-25

    • HTN LCD

      Contact NowHTN LCDHTN LCD displayHTN LCD, full name is High Twisted Nematic, has a wider view angle than TN LCD. Because of low cost and wider view angle, TN LCD Panel are widely used in Meters and Instruments. We provRead More2015-12-25

    • TN LCD

      Contact NowTN LCDTN LCD, full name Twisted Nematic LCD, are the most widely used panel type in the manufacture of LCD monitors. TN LCD panels are cheap and offer excellent response times, making them perfect for fastRead More2015-12-25

    • Negative LCD Display

      Contact NowNegative LCD DisplayNegative LCD DisplayNegative LCD Display one type of LCD display model. Negative LCD Display must need a backlight to make the words/patterns clear to see. We make custom LCD and customized backlightRead More2015-12-25

    • Reflective LCD

      Contact NowReflective LCDReflective LCD DisplayThe name of Reflective LCD Display is caused by the reflective polarizer. This layer reflects polarized ambient light that has entered the front of the display back trough the LCRead More2015-12-25

    • Transmissive LCD

      Contact NowTransmissive LCDTransmissive lcd displays Transmissive lcd displays is caused by the Transmissive polarizer. Transmissive polarizer have a clear polarizer on the front and the back. The display therefore dependsRead More2015-12-25

    • Transflective LCD

      Contact NowTransflective LCDTransflective LCD DisplayTransflective LCD Display is caused by the Transflective polarizer. Transflective displays have a rear polarizer which includes a translucent material which reflects part ofRead More2015-12-25

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